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“Alexandrya is powerfully intuitive and a natural healer. Her readings and insights always give me a new, empowering perspective that guides me to follow my soul’s purpose (and helps me get out of my own way!). I appreciate her compassion and strong foundation of ethics, and her sense of humor always puts me at ease. She is the real deal, and I know she will enrich your journey as she has mine. ” — Stacy C.

“Being very reluctant with the metaphysical world, I have to say Alex gave me very useful guidance and she accurately described events, past and present, that she had no way of knowing. It has left me with the feeling of peace that I really needed. ”  — Isabel C.

“My reading with Alexandrya was insightful and what she intuited was spot on. I left feeling more positive about what we talked about, and I also felt more educated about what she does. She is super fun to talk to and can keep the tone light while giving an accurate reading, which was perfect for me. I would definitely recommend her services! ” — Paul K.

“Had a wonderful reading with Alexandrya. Her energy is positive, fun and uplifting. She was spot on with her mediumship and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for psychic services! ” — Rosie C.

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