My name is Alexandrya Heiden and for the longest time, I thought it was normal to just “know things”.


I have been actively using my abilities for over 20 years without knowing what to call it – I thought I was simply very intuitive. Further investigation of my skills eventually led me to investing in the proper training to hone my abilities as a Psychic and Medium.


My earliest exposure to other Psychic Mediums that I can recall was watching Crossing Over with John Edward in the early 2000’s. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but it stuck with me because deep down, I knew this was real and there was something to it, even if I didn’t really understand how he was doing it. I was also familiar with the names James Van Praagh and Sylvia Browne at the time; The show “Medium” based on Alison Dubois was picked up in 2005 so interest in the subject matter by mainstream media grew as I got older.


As a teenager, I would flip through my mom’s Astrology, Numerology & Dream interpretation books — I was giving what I now realize, were psychic readings to fellow students at lunch time.


Now an adult, it would present even stronger when I started working as a Help Desk agent. By answering questions and resolving complaint tickets, I could somehow figure out trickier things such as missing numbers in a tracking number label which amazed my supervisors, so I was usually awarded the “impossible” tasks to see what would happen….I chalked it up to lucky guesses and excellent problem solving!. As I moved on from job to job, my supervisors got accustomed to “listening to Alex” as it would save them quite a bit of trouble in day to day situations.


As of 2020, I have dedicated myself full time to readings for others and my personal development, in a structured environment with reputable teachers and this turn of events for my life has reassured me that I am meant to help people with these incredible skills.


As I continue my lifelong commitment to my development, I hope to help as many people as I can along the way. May it be painting your loved one back to life for a moment, or guiding you back to what you know to be true to you and your inner wisdom, hence “Back to Source”.


Source. Spirit. God. Soul. Back to the source of light and knowing we all have inside of us.


I truly believe as Psychics and Mediums, we have someone’s life in our hands and for that moment, it is my honor to be your witness, as I serve you and the higher power of your understanding and mine.


Many Blessings,