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Life – it sneaks up on us.

Pulling us in and demanding our attention.

Before we know it, we can’t hear our own internal compass loudly enough to summon what we know to be true. It is my honor to gently peel back those layers with you and to lay before you, your inner world, so you may see the light again, and recognize the best solutions for you and your loved ones. Let me guide you in a compassionate way, back to your inner wisdom. Back to Source.


“I had the pleasure of a reading with Alexandrya recently, and found the experience to be incredibly touching. She provided some information about mediumship and established expectations around the session that let me feel comfortable that she was approaching the session genuinely and with healing intent. My experience was remarkably meaningful, covering a number of areas of my life that have been emotionally charged lately; Alexandrya made sure I was not oversharing during the whole process, which made me feel safe and taken care of. By the end of the session, I had heard an appropriate and timely message and was able to debrief. Overall, a very special experience.” Eamonn C.



| Psychic | Medium | Reiki III Certified |

I have been actively using my abilities for over 20 years without knowing what to call it – I thought I was simply very intuitive. Further investigation of my skills eventually led me to investing in the proper training to hone my abilities as a Psychic and Medium …


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