About me

My name is Alexandrya Heiden and for the longest time I thought it was normal to just “know things”.
My whole life, I have been fascinated with psychics, mediums, the metaphysical, aliens and so on. I was born and raised in Montreal, and occasionally had the opportunity to chat about these subjects, but often got a little spooked as it felt too real and I moved on with my life.
I eventually moved to Southern Ontario in 2017, something I was drawn to do for a while and meeting my husband facilitated this decision quite easily.
I discovered there is quite the community here interested in the same things and finally in January 2018, I received the ultimate intuitive “shove” in to a local metaphysical shop to explore this once more.
I discovered what it meant to be described as a empath, and that I was not crazy! I also discovered I had mediumistic potential the more I learned how to hone my energy and use it for reading places, people and so much more.
I have been developing my natural skills for the past 2 and a half years through different workshops facilitated by international, evidential mediums such as John Holland, Janet Nohavec and Tony Stockwell.
In November 2019 I had the opportunity to attend a 5-day workshop in Virginia Beach, VA which boosted my confidence and reassured me that I am meant to help people with this incredible skill.
As I continue my life long commitment to my development, I hope to help as many people as I can, whether it’s painting your loved one back to life for a moment through mediumship or helping you with a big decision in your life.
It’s quite fascinating and an honor to be able to participate in someone’s life for that brief moment, helping them make the best decision possible.
It is a privilege to serve you all and to be connected to Source in order to do so.
Many Blessings,